Classic Car Restoration, Upgrades, and Transmission Repair

Restoring or reconstructing your classic car can be a challenging task, but the specialists at Marv & Mike's Transmission & Auto Repair in Rockville, MD are here to assist you! Our mechanics are well-versed in every area of automobile maintenance and repair. While we are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, advanced training, and modern diagnostic and repair capabilities, we are also familiar with traditional methods and vintage classics.

Rust and Corrosion Restoration

It is widely known that rust and corrosion pose the most significant threats to any vintage vehicle. Therefore, it becomes essential to have rust and rot treated properly in order to provide a solid, hassle-free foundation for the remaining work. When you select Marv & Mike's Transmission & Auto Repair, you can be confident that these concerns will not resurface in the foreseeable future.

Engine Restoration and Replacement

We understand that the primary challenges faced by an old or tired engine cannot be rectified with simple, bolt-on parts and straightforward procedures. Internal wear and tear on components like bearings, valvetrains, cams, piston rings, and cylinders cause power and efficiency loss, while the buildup of sludge and deposits constantly jeopardizes the engine's functionality. Precise measurements, resurfacing, boring, valve adjustment, bearing and ring replacement, thorough inspections of the engine block, and meticulous and accurate servicing are essential factors in transforming a decent-running car into an exceptionally performing vehicle. At times, the most advantageous choice is to have the engine completely reconditioned according to the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) specifications—which is precisely what we do here at Marv & Mike's Transmission & Auto Repair. We can send your original engine, drivetrain, or transmission back to JASPER Engines for a complete reconstruction.

Our collaboration with JASPER has been one of our most successful partnerships. By sending your original engine, drivetrain, or transmission to their factory, we ensure that they are returned to you in pristine condition, maintaining their originality and surpassing expectations both in appearance and functionality. Our experienced technicians will then reinstall them into your classic vehicle to complete this immensely gratifying experience.

Please feel free to discuss and learn more about the JASPER option with our team. It comes with a nationwide warranty that provides coverage for factory parts and labor.

Upgrades and Repairs

Classic cars often harbor peculiar issues, whether due to their age or outdated designs. If you aspire to maximize the potential of your restoration, incorporating modern upgrades such as electronic ignition systems, high-performance intakes, carburetors, optimized air passages, upgraded braking systems, or enhanced transmissions can breathe new life into your old car. Alternatively, if you prefer a restoration that stays faithful to the original era, relying on quality factory replacement parts and precision tuning will bestow your classic automobile with an authentic vintage appearance and impression. No matter your preferences, we are here to assist you in transforming your classic car into everything you envision it to be.

Exceptional Ride Quality

Occasionally, driving an older vehicle may lead you to doubt whether the ride quality you remember was truly as remarkable as you recall. However, in reality, classic cars provide a smoother ride than most modern vehicles on today's roads. They simply require some rejuvenation to unleash their full performance potential. Worn-out wheel bearings, sagging springs, deteriorated bushings, and faulty shocks can contribute to excessive road noise, vibrations, compromised handling, a noisy suspension, and subpar ride quality. Once our professionals have thoroughly examined and repaired these components, you may be pleasantly surprised by the exceptional smoothness, comfort, and ride quality that your classic car can offer.

Interior Auto Repairs

Sagging doors, troublesome window regulators, squeaking hinges, rattling interior components, musty carpets, worn door panels, leaks, and faulty electronics are common issues that often affect older cars and trucks. Given that the interior is where you spend most of your time, experiencing these problems can significantly diminish the joy of driving these vehicles. At Marv & Mike's Transmission & Auto Repair, we address the interior with the same meticulous attention to detail as we do with the exterior. We go above and beyond in restoration and quality. Our team is dedicated to finding the ideal solution for you!

When it comes to restoring classic cars, it is essential to have a trustworthy service that ensures the job is done right the first time around. From the start to the finishing touch, we prioritize quality throughout our entire process. Give us a call at (301)-770-7051 or visit our shop for the best classic car repairs, maintenance, and restoration in Rockville, MD. Our team will get your classic beauty back on the road in no time! Choose Marv & Mike's Transmission & Auto Repair for all of your classic car restoration and transmission repair projects!

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